Jason Currie

Executive Director

Jason began with YFC as a volunteer for 6 years at Campus Life programs in Michigan and Omaha before joining staff in 2003 as the Elkhorn Campus Life Director. In 2006, he became the Executive Director of Greater Omaha YFC. He was raised in Michigan and has a Business Marketing degree from Cornerstone University. Jason and his wife, Christy, have three kids (Isaiah, Summer, and Zane) and together they love to travel, play sports, be in the mountains or at the beach, and celebrate God’s story in their family and in this world! Don’t judge – but the Currie family has found a way to cheer for Michigan (Go Blue!), Iowa (Go Hawks!), and Nebraska (Go Big Red!) every Saturday. On a perfect “vacation” day Jason would skydive with his family to a beach, golf, scuba dive, play basketball, read a good book, and somehow eat a lot of amazing food throughout the entire day!