Zach Willet

Elkhorn South Campus Life Director

Zach Willet grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he was raised knowing God and being encouraged in his faith. After graduating from Concordia University with a teaching degree, Zach moved to Omaha where, through his involvement with his local church, he met and married Stephanie. They have two boys, Lincoln and Ford. Having a passion for the truth and study of God’s word and seeing people come to faith in Christ, Zach was very excited when the LORD opened a door for him to come on board with YFC in the fall of 2012. He now serves as the Elkhorn South Campus Life Director. Zach has a variety of interests and passions including doing music, writing, teaching, camping, fishing, playing soccer, studying the Bible, and spending time with loved ones. He also dabbles in part-time work manufacturing synthetic eagles' nests to fit the demand of the burgeoning 'endangered nesting market' (ENEMA for short).